Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Actually, no trains, but we are driving and flying these next few days. Alyssa, Heather and I (Jason) are heading to Burundi for a week. We will take the 1.5 hour flight from Nairobi to Bujumbura tomorrow and then drive 3 hours up to Kibuye Hospital that same afternoon. We will be joining the only doctor there to help out at the hospital. During the week we are there, we hope to get a better sense of how the hospital functions, discover what needs exist, and develop relationships with the staff and medical students. We pray this trip would help us understand the place better and know how best to invest and plan for our futures there.

Alyssa and I have both brushed up on our C-section skills, Heather is excited to test out the French she has been studying, and Heather and Alyssa are looking forward to seeing Burundi for the first time. You could pray for a successful trip and also for Anna (who gets to stay in Nairobi with her Uncle Eli and Aunt Bethany and cousins) and for Abi (staying at Tenwek with Cropseys). We will report when we get back (no internet at Kibuye, yet).


Anonymous said...

Heard about what you all are doing at Knox today! Exciting stuff! You are all in our prayers here!!

Carrie said...

Safe journey! (Of course pronounced Sef Jahnee)

DrsMyhre said...

Looking forward to the stories and full report! How soon can we call you??? Are you returning this weekend? Praying for a bonding time.