Nakumatt Answers

Well, folks, here they are. What can we get our hands on here in Kenya?

Colgate Kids Toothpaste ($2-3/tube)
Masaman curry paste ($3/jar)
Ritz crackers ($3/box)
Betty Crocker Banana Nut Muffin Mix (about $6/box)
Kraft Mac and Cheese ($2/box)
Heinz Ketchup ($5/bottle)
canned frosting ($3-4/jar)

Sadly, the rest is not available. Although, if you guessed mint extract or Kellogg's Corn Flakes, they have apparently occasionally been spotted but in my opinion, that's like seeing a leopard on safari. Everyone wants to, but you have no idea if you'll get lucky or not. And also, I need to add the disclaimer that many of these things have just shown up on the shelves in the last few months or so. So if you sent us a care package w/ some of these items don't feel bad. We really did need and appreciate them at the time!

Of note, you can get many American cereals here, like Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes, for $8-10 per box. We also have Old El Paso enchilada sauce in our cupboard. And there is ice cream, although nothing quite so tasty as Ben and Jerry's. Sad, because that's not something you ask ask a friend to bring/send you. But overall, don't feel too bad for us! Visitors keep us in constant supply of decaf coffee and chocolate chips, and we appreciate all the goodies from home you send us. Thanks for playing. Try again next week...

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Jamie Paauw said...

I demand a recount. I was in a Nakumat in Mombassa a year and a half ago and as the world's largest consumer (by volume) of Heinz ketchup I was shocked an disappointed to have none at that store. Perhaps my letter writing campaign paid off and the governmnet officials in Kenya finnally grew weary of my campaign and instituted Heinz placement in the local Nakumats. Its good to know that my mission trip made a difference and touched people's lives in such a tangible way.

Anonymous said...

God brought you to mind tonight. We will pray for your relaxation time. The picture of Abi with the Malagasy girl is beautiful. We also pray that God direct you on the next step. Maia and Steve Wright