Happy Easter from Tenwek!

Christ is risen indeed! Today we celebrated our first Tenwek Easter. And as you can see, we were able to jump right into the mix. After a rockin' Christian Passover meal last night, hosted by the Cropseys, we had a sunrise service outside, as the sun came up over the nearby ridgeline. Eric played guitar, and John led the service, and gave a short devotional for the 100+ people in attendance.
In accordance with past tradition, the service ended with some music being played, while people placed the various flowers they had brought upon the wooden cross. The result was quite beautiful, and is seen below.
Later, at the main service, Eric joined another post-resident physician, Dan Galat, on the church worship team. Below also are Dr. Agneta (surgery), Dr. Wanjalla (outpatient), and Mr. Musyoka (statistics). Musyoka's son Asante always stands up with him on the worship team and strums a little plastic telephone like a guitar, which is about the cutest thing ever.
We pray you are blessed as you celebrate and remember the resurrection of Jesus, and the incredible difference that it makes everyday.


Jenny Mas-Moya said...

Happy Easter to the McCropders!!! :)

RC said...

Joy to you too brothers and sisters across the world!