Easter Egg Hunt

How is Easter celebrated in Kenya? We're not really sure about the country at large, but here at Tenwek we had a very festive weekend! Our last post detailed the church services on Sunday, which were fantastic and celebratory, but we also wanted to share some pictures of the more secular party as well.

Prior to the hunt, all the kids gathered on one end of the compound to hear a story, giving the adults and teens a chance to hide eggs. None of the eggs were “hidden,” per se, but some were easier to get to than others. There are two eggs in the treehouse picture. Can you find them? Hint: look high (the red one is hard to see, but was placed on the third branch up from the bottom in the picture—yikes!). And also demonstrated is John trying his best to make things challenging for the kiddos.

The “release” of the kids was quite entertaining. From ages 3 to 12, the kids went wild trying to find eggs. Here's Anna finding one of her allotted 11 eggs (for fairness' sake) and then a picture of just a small number of the hoard of kids participating.
Finally, the event concluded with the opening and dedication of the new Tenwek tree fortress, built by Jeremiah Galat and his grandpa. Lots of fun going on up there. Just a few more ways that make Tenwek seem like a small taste of America.

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