Introducing Alyssa

There are, of course, many new people that we will be getting to know in the next several months, and we will try to introduce some of them as they come along. Alyssa Pfister is a Internal Medicine and Pediatrics doc (and thus will be an oft-utilized reference point for Eric's work) from Nashville, who has been in Alabama for the last several years. We all met her 1 year ago in Louisville, when it became evident that she would also be in the Post-Residency Program, and she would also be at Tenwek hospital. At that time, we offered to rename our group the PmcCropders (with a silent "P", of course, as in "Pfister"), but she said she wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. We also got to spend some more time with her in Bristol this last spring (as pictured above), and now she is partying hard with the Cropseys in Kenya, as the rest of us wait for our departure dates.

So, her own blog, permanently located on the right sidebar, will offer another insight into our environment at Tenwek, and will also sometimes have overlapping experiences with the McCropders. Currently, you can find pictures of her with the Cropseys, hiking down to the nearby waterfall/hydroelectric dam.

PS. After visiting her blog, you may think all Kenya bloggers are required by international law to use the same blogger template. That is not the case.

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