Tenwek Pictures

In an effort to give people some images to faciliate their imagination, here are some pictures of Tenwek Hospital, and their surrounding area, pulled from their own website.

The "famous" Hospital sign and motto.

The Hospital itself

A very impressive-looking men's ward...

...and the equally impressive-looking operating theatre.

One of the hospital housing complexes, which we think will be similar to the place we will live.

An outlying village


hankwillisdds said...

Is there a dental clinic? I was really impressed with the dental setup in Kijabe when I was there in '99.

Sandy said...

Love the pictures. It's fun to imagine where you all will be.

The Drs. McLaughlin said...

Hank: I don't know any specifics, but I know that a dentist named Malin Friess was working at Tenwek for several months. His wife is an OB-GYN, and they're now serving at Kijabe. Their blog can be found here: http://wwwfriessfamily.blogspot.com

Eric said...

Looks nice.

Where is the ICU? =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric and Rachel--
You can see even more up to date Tenwek pics on our blog. We just got back from Tenwek 10 days ago and used the blog to document our 2 weeks in Tenwek. The apartment pictures we posted is one of the ones that each of your families will stay in fyi--I asked. Funny that we should have gotten to Tenwek before you guys. Everyone is looking forward to having you all there.