Most and Least Corrupt Countries

This was getting some press today, as the new rankings of corruption have been published. I have no idea how valid these are, or what the criteria are. Out of 180 countries, here are some selected corruption rankings:

#1: Tie between New Zealand, Sweden, and Denmark
#4: Singapore
#18: USA (in case you wanted to know), tied with Belgium and Japan
#36: Botswana, the best ranked in Africa
#54: South Africa
#72: Swaziland (interestingly high for the last absolute monarchy in Africa)
#115: Niger, Zambia tied with others
#138: Liberia
#141: Cameroon
#147: Kenya
#166: Zimbabwe
#171: Equatorial Guinea
#173: Sudan
#180: Somalia

Most of the above African countries have received some attention (sometimes just a bit), so for those trying to catch of hint of our future location from the above list, take your best shot. =)

We're not at all trying to be secretive about that question, but there's a lot of exciting stuff happening on that front, and we'll be better equipped to give you some news in a little while, we think.

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