Sarah Crockett

A little bit about Sarah
  • Born without a sense of smell and is therefore a great candidate for many undesireable tasks
  • Grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago
  • Spent much of her growing up years pioneering the pond & swamp across the street from her home
  • Has dipped her toes in all 5 of the great lakes, but only 2 oceans
  • Seriously weak when around M&M's, junior mints, or brownies
  • Studied elementary education at Bethel College, Indiana
  • Spent 3 rich years teaching at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya
  • Prefers driving a manual transmission, but can't label much underneath the hood of the car
  • Makes frequent visits to Matthew 6:5-34 (Jesus teaching about prayer and worry) and Mark 10:13-16 (Jesus welcomes the little children)
  • Enjoys being outdoors, adventurous hiking, the library, sleep, and people (particularly little people)

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